About Kambo

Kambo derives from the secretion of the Amazonian giant waxy tree frog Phyllomedusa Bicolor.  The secretion is comprised of a unique complex cocktail of bioactive peptides that produce amazing benefits for body and mind.  Italian pharmacologist Vittorio Erspamer of the University of Rome was nominated twice for the Nobel Prize and is considered to be the first scientist to analyze Kambo in the laboratory concluding that Kambo contains a “fantastic chemical cocktail with potential medical applications unmatched by any other amphibian.”

The benefits of Kambo stem from the bioactive peptides and neuropeptides found in the Kambo secretion.  The bioactive peptides found in Kambo exert a positive effect in humans due to their health-promoting properties. They can exert several beneficial effects like preventing diseases or modulating the physiological systems once they are absorbed in the human body. These peptides perform a broad range of functions that can be involved in the gastrointestinal system such as the anti-obesity and satiety peptides, the cardiovascular system such as antihypertensive, antithrombotic, and hypocholesterolemic peptides, the immune system such as antimicrobial, and immune-modulatory peptides, and the nervous system such as opioid peptides.

Tribes of the Amazon often refer to Kambo as “Hunting  Magic”, as it strengthens the physical body as well as the mind.  Kambo brings energy and stamina into the body and sharpens the senses.  It makes the mind still and allows one to think clearly.  The small things that bother us in our day to day life does not seem to be as significant following a Kambo session, allowing one to focus on the things that truly matter in life.   

USES OF KAMBO – People turn to Kambo for a myriad of different uses from physical to psychological.  Although Kambo is not considered a medicine in the western sense of the word many people have found relief from physical ailments.   Kambo has analgesic properties that has the potential to provide pain relief up to 40 times stronger than morphine without the addictive high that comes from opiates.  Many people that suffer from autoimmune diseases such as Lyme have found incredible benefits from Kambo aiding in relief of their symptoms and putting life back into their bodies.   On a psychological level, Kambo has shown incredible attributes in aiding people with depression, anxiety and PTSD.  The chemical makeup of Kambo appears to specifically be designed to strengthen the mind and bodies of the human species.

MEET YOUR Practitioners

About Valerie

Valerie is a Kambo Practioner and Instructor serving the greater Dallas Fort Worth area. A native Texan, she and her tribe thrive on a 10-acre compound on the outskirts of the metroplex. Valerie has a strong passion for adventure and spent most of her early years traveling and learning about other cultures and their natural approaches to wholeness and wellbeing. Valerie has always had a calling to help people and she knew from a young age that her main mission was to help people find ways to improve their health. Over the years, she has continuously sought out higher education which has allowed her to become a Master Herbalist as well as expanding her knowledge in the spiritual realm.

Valerie likes to say that Kambo found her and when it did her entire life shifted in so many ways.  Through her own healing journey with Kambo and seeing how it had changed not only her life but the lives of so many others, she was moved and motivated to become a practitioner. Valerie brings a very balanced approach to all that she does and is a lover of people and elevating the mind.

About Kelly
Native to Colorado, Kelly grew up in a small town in the middle of the Colorado Rockies. Kelly excelled as an athlete and as a student, becoming a 7-time Division II all-American and graduating summa cum laude in college, whilst also obtaining a Masters degree from University of Denver.

Kelly found her way into the plant medicine world because of a crippling heroin addiction. Extremely determined to escape the hells of addiction, she researched and found ibogaine. Ibogaine right away made her feel like herself again, while also entirely changing her perspective on life. Instantly drawn to working with psychedelic plant medicines, she dedicated much of her time to educating herself and educating and working with others to use this new found passion of hers as an incredible healing modality.

Kelly met Jason at the ibogaine aftercare that she attended in Austin, Texas. They hit it off right away and lived and worked together in Austin, serving Kambo to the Texas community. A unique and beautiful union, Kelly and Jason came together to form the Tribal Detox Kambo Practitioner Training program, training others to become facilitators and continuing to administer kambo and work with others using psychedelics to help people live a happier, healthier life.

Kelly is still an avid athlete, enjoying activities like hiking, running and rock climbing. She loves to dance and is a full-of-life soul that inspires others to live a better life. Kelly and Jason continue to dedicate their life to the passion of helping others master mind, body and spirit through the healing modalities they each love and the healing modalities that each brought them back from a painful time in their lives.