We are here for you as you embark on your journey.  Safety is our #1 concern.  Whether you come to us or we come to you, we provide a safe environment to perform Kambo. Our service area stretches throughout the Dallas Ft Worth Metroplex.  Sessions include Sananga, Kambo and Rapé (pronounced ha-peh).

**Sananga and Rapé (ha-peh) are optional**

Cost per session: $100

If travel is required for a private session then the cost may be adjusted to accommodate travel expenses.

Private or group sessions outside of the Dallas Ft worth area will be priced accordingly. 

Contact us directly to inquire.


Sananga (also known as Becchete) are powerful eyedrops extracted from the shrub Tabernaemontana Undulata. It is said by the tribes, when applied directly to the eyes it has the effects of adding greater dimension and texture to the environment thus making it easier to spot animals during hunting. The effects of Sananga can last several days up to weeks. Along with enhanced vision, Sananga is also known to increase energy and provide pain relief.

Sananga drops can be quite challenging as they create a powerful burning sensation.  This is due to the fact that it is extracted with Amazonian river water that is high in tannic acid.

Sananga is optional and usually offered before Kambo, as it helps one escape the mind and enter the body. Sananga can be quite effective in calming nerves and help ease you into a peaceful meditative state.

Kambo - what to expect

The only safe application of Kambo is through small blister points made on the skin, to which the secretion is applied.  The burn is not deep, with only the epidermis being removed allowing an entry “gate” for the Kambo into the lymphatic system.  Typically 3-5 “gates” are opened in the skin for a basic Kambo session.  You will be asked to drink no more than one liter of water before applying Kambo. Once the secretion is applied to the gates, the immediate effects are quick and intense but short lived.  They usually last about 20-25 minutes (on average).  Within  30 seconds to a minute, you will experience a warm flushing sensation over the entire body.  The heart rate will increase slightly with a light throbbing sensation in the head.  The lips, ears and tongue may go numb and tingly and may also be accompanied by a feeling of dizziness or light-headedness.  These sensations last approximately 5-7 minutes followed by 10-15 minutes of flu-like symptoms where you may feel weak, achy and nauseas. During this time, it is common for you to purge.  Because of the water consumed before hand, the purge is typically smooth  and without a great deal of discomfort.  After the purge, the flu like symptoms dissipate rather rapidly and you are left feeling relaxed and may be washed over with a feelings of euphoria.  After approximately 30-45 minutes of rest, you will gain strength and energy back into the body and will be able to continue your day as normal.  The benefits from Kambo will be experienced in the following hours, days and even weeks following the session.

Rapé (pronounced ha-peh)

Rapé (ha-peh) is a sacred shamanic snuff that has been used by tribes of the Amazonian basis for hundreds, possibly thousands of years.  It is an essential part of their culture and history. Rapé (ha-peh) is blown into the nostrils with a special blowpipe called a “Tepi”.

There are many different types of rapé (ha-peh), which are prepared by different tribes. The ashes are derived from tobacco and tree ash (variety of a bark from different medicinal and sacred trees), which are ground into a fine powder.

The purpose of rapé (ha-peh) varies between tribes.  The most common of its uses is for ceremonial, medicinal and recreational purposes. Rapé (ha-peh) can elicit mind altering and grounding effects.

Rapé (ha-peh) is optional and offered after Kambo, as a way to close the ceremony.