Why Kambo Practitioner Training Course?

Our kambo practitioner training course has been developed to welcome people and personalities from all backgrounds and walks of life.  Kambo can be beneficial to everyone and does not cater to any specific spiritual or religious background.  Our training is centered around technique and the pragmatic application of Kambo as well as the science of Kambo as well as a huge emphasis on using Kambo in a safe manner.  Our core value is to produce the highest caliber of trained practitioners to ensure the safety of the client, practitioner and that of Kambo itself.

What does it mean to be a Kambo Practitioner?

To be a Kambo practitioner, is to be of service to others.  As a practitioner, you are facilitating a potentially life-changing experience for another person.  You will “introduce” your clients to the extraordinary properties of Kambo and guide them safely through an unforgettable experience.  A Kambo practitioner is not merely a job or a means to make a living…it is a way of life.  

Where is the training course?

Training is located on the outskirts of DFW – in Alvarado, Texas.  Classes are limited to 4 students, to allow for a fun small group environment.

Kambo Practitioner Training in the USA

The Kambo practitioner training course is a 10 day intensive course.  You will learn the recorded history around Kambo.  You will learn the theory and science behind Kambo.  You will become CPR/First aid/AED certified, through the American Red Cross.  In this course, you will receive multiple Kambo sessions as well as facilitate multiple Kambo sessions.  You will also learn how to serve and self administer the Amazonian nasal snuff rapé (pronounced Hapay) and sananga eye drops.  Upon graduation, you will receive your own complete Kambo kit outfitted with everything necessary to begin your own  Kambo practice as soon as you return home.    Also upon graduation, you will be added  to our website as a Tribal Detox practitioner where you will have access to our copyright protected branding, for your own practice and marketing.  

What is the cost of the Practitioner training course?

The cost of the Kambo training course  is $2200.  Included in this price is accommodation, Tribal Detox practitioner course certification, CPR/First Aid/AED certification, Kambo practitioner kit ($300 value), 40% discount on Kambo supplies, and first year annual dues ($100 value).   Transportation to and from the airport is also included – if needed.  

Is food included?

Due to all the specific diets (i.e. keto, carnivore, vegetarian, vegan, etc) it would be impossible to accommodate everyone’s needs.  Students will be required to provide their own food,.  Kitchen is available, to prepare and store food (utensils, appliances onsite).  

What about after training?

We do our best to set you up for success after completion.  The last day of school, we will go over business practices to help get your new Kambo business off the ground.  Every month Tribal Detox invests in paid social media advertisements for our practitioners and their monthly Kambo circles.  You will be added to a private practitioner FB page,  where you can ask questions about scenarios, client sessions etc.  We are a family that supports one another.   We have a referral program along with monthly raffles coming soon!  At Tribal Detox / Rising Sisters, it’s not just about creating and developing practitioners, its about creating and developing family and community.  Welcome to the tribe!


February 15-24
April 12-21
June 7-16
August 9-18
October 11-20
December 6-15

**For information on individual/ private instruction and training please contact us to schedule**